Jan hands over the copyright of the books and eLearning to the Sterilisation Association of the Netherlands (SVN)

For many years Jan Huijs was has been working on the creation and publication of various editions in many languages of the book Sterilisation of medical supplies by steam. In the mean time, on 5 Nov 2023 Jan reached his 70th birthdate, and realized that like anybody else, also his life on this planet is limited😊. He thus felt that the time had come to ensure the availability of book also in the future. In the Netherlands the Sterilization Association of the Netherlands SVN is the organization where knowledge around sterilization is concentrated and distributed. She does that at national and international level. Refer to its website: http://www.sterilisatievereniging.nl/ Therefore Jan saw SVN as the best partner to transfer his copyrights of the book in all its forms including the eLearning course.

25-11-2023. During the Annual congress of SVN Jan and Mr. Mark Meertens, chairman of SVN signed an agreement on the handing over of the copyright of the books and eLearning modules.

During the annual congress of SVN on 25 November 2023 a first version of an agreement was signed. On January 9th the final text was completed and signed. SVN commits itself to keeping the content up to date, providing licences for or publishing itself reprints and updates of the various translations. This concerns translations already available as well as possible fully new editions in a new language. In case your organization considers a reprint or an updated version of the book, or you have any other questions related to these editions, you can from now on, contact the working group of SVN of which you find the address below.

Mark Meertens, Chairman
Sterilisatie Vereniging Nederland SVN
Working group Book en eLearning
Floraliastraat 52
5342 BK  Oss
e-mail: secretariaat@sterilisatievereniging.nl
Website: http://www.sterilisatievereniging.nl/


09-01-2024: Signing the final agreement between Jan and SVN: Jan, Mr. Mark Meertens, chairman of SVN and Mrs. Carol Beest, secretary of SVN