Overview and links of related organizations

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Long-term partnerships

Flag-uk-lgflag HPI International Logo HPI Health Partners International, Lewes, UK Partner for projects related to asset managment and sterilization of medical supplies
Flag-gm-lgflag LogoMIMedicalMissionInstitute20160611 Medical Mission Institute, Würzburg, Germany Partner for projects in relation to sterilization of medical supplies with focus on developing countries
Flag-nl-lgflag LogoDigitalColour Digital Colour, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. Mr. Pieter de Ruijter. Since 2008 he is working through HPI Health Partners International Long standing relationship since the initiation in 1995 of HEART Consultancy for projects throughout Africa and Asia with focus on asset management and sterilization of medical supplies.

Professional Organizations related to sterile supply

WFHSS World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences Attending annual congresses; making presentations. Jan’s book  Sterilization of medical Supplies has been approved through WFHSS
Flag-nl-lgflag LogoSVN20160419LR SVN Nederlandse Sterilisatie Vereniging, The Netherlands Member; since 2013 honorary member

Training related to sterile supply

Flag-nl-lgflag Logo Summa Zorg Summa College, Eindhoven, The Netherlands In collaboration with the Summa College, the first blended learning  module on sterile supply was presented
Flag-nl-lgflag LogoInterster Interster International B.V. , Wormerveer, The Netherlands; through Interster Academy Presenting on steam sterilization in their training days for CSSD staff in hospitals in the Netherlands
Flag-gm-lgflag LogoEbro Ebro Electronic GmbH & Co, Ingolstadt, Germany Provided basic validation kit to be used during training. Consisting of dataloggers with one pressure sensor for chamber pressure and two temperature sensors.

Publication of book on sterilization

Flag-gm-lgflag LogoMHPVerlagHR MHP Verlag GmbH, Wiesbaden,  Germany Publisher of several versions of the book: Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam: English, French, Russian, Spanish
Flag-nl-lgflag LogoInterster Interster International B.V. , Wormerveer, The Netherlands Through interster was the initiative to create the Dutch version of the book. Compilation and publication has been in close collaboration. In the mean time we have the 3rd edition of the Dutch version of the book
Flag-sp-lgflag Matachana logo Antonio Matachana S.A., Barcelona, Spain Through Matachana the Spanish edition of the book was produced. Matachana did translation of the manuscript. First edition in 1999; second edition in 2016



DGM Pharma Apparate Handel AG/DGM ФАРМА АППАРАТЕ РУС», Moscow, Russia DGM Pharma Apparate facilitated translation and production of the Russian version of the book. Which was published in 2013
Flag-no-lgflag LogoNFSImproveCharactersOptimized NFS, Norsk Forening for Sterilforsyning, Oslo, Norway NFS, through Mrs. Anne Solberg, facilitated translation and production of the Norwegian version of the book.
Flag-fr-lgflag LogoAFS AFS, L’Associacion Francaise de Stérilisation, France Through Dr. Dominique Goullet of AFS, the franslation of the French version was initiated, coordinated  and produced. First edition published in 2000. The second edition to be published in 2016.
Flag-ja-lgflag LogoMeilleurLR1 Meilleur Co., Ltd. ミュール 株式会社, Yachiyo-shi, Japan
Publisher: 中山書店 Nakayama Shoten Co. Ltd, Tokyo, Japan
Through Mr. Yamane Tsurashi (山根貫志) of Meilleur the translation and production of the Japanese version of the book was facilitated. 医療現場の清浄と滅菌. It was published in 2012.
Flag-pl-lgflag LogoPSRSDM-PolandSterilizationAssociationOld Polskie Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Sterylizacji i Dezynfekcji Medycznej, Warsaw,
Through Mrs. Teresa Salinska of the Polskie Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Sterylizacji i Dezynfekcji Medycznej (Polish Society for Sterilization and Disinfection of Medical Supplies) the Polish edition of the book was translated and produced. It was published in 2012
Flag-sw-lgflag Sweden Through Mrs. The Swedish edition will be translated and produced. Publication is planned for 2016
CH-lgflag LogoBeijingKinsonMedical Beijing Kinson Medical, China Through Mr. Lu Liansheng the Chinese edition is being translated and produced. Publication is planned for 2016

Designer for e-learning/blended learning environments

Flag-nl-lgflag LogoDTSActief DTS@Actief, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands Created the first e-learning modules for staff of sterilization departments (MSMH Medewerkers Steriele Medische Hulpmiddelen) in the Netherlands.

Validation agencies for sterilizers; Netherlands