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General/opinion/policy etc.
 02-11-2019 Den Haag, The Netherlands WFHSS Congress 2019 Putting some juice on your lectures and workshops on sterile supply. A blend of methods.
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 24-04-2016 Wageningen University, The Netherlands Mind The Gap. Facing the standards gap: A sterilizer for the rest of us.
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 29-10-2016 Brisbane, Australia WFHSS Congress 2016 Sterilization departments in Liberia prepare for the post-ebola challenge.
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 21-03-2014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands  Dental Expo 2014 Wegwijs in sterilisatie:
Sterilisatie in de tandartsenpraktijk
Training: Technical: Operation of sterilisers
 11-05-2017 Summa College/SteriAk,
Bijscholingscursus MSMH Sessie 3 Procesverloop in de autoclaaf.
Animatie van verloop van proces in typische ziekenhuisautoclaaf: Horizontale kamer met mantel; dubbele deur; vacuum pomp (waterring type) voor ontluchting en droging)
Generic hospital autoclave: horizontal chamber, jacketed chamber; two door, vertical sliding door; vacuum for airremoval and drying.
 21-03-2014  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  Dental Expo 2014 Sterilisatieproces in een B-Type tafelautoclaaf.
Animatie van verloop van proces in typische B-Type tafelautoclaaf: Horizontale kamer; vacuum pomp (membraan type) voor ontluchting en droging
 Theory Sterilization
Education sessions: impressions


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