Tribute to CSSD Staff World wide. Knockin’ on heavens’ door. During SVN Congress, 25 11 2023

On Nov 25 2023, during its annual congres, Jan handed over the copyright of his books and eLearning to the Dutch Sterilisation Association (SVN). After the handing-over ceremony he did a presentation on the making of the book and eLearning; followed by his experiences during his 2023 visit to Cameroon, where he presented training sessions for CSSD staff in 4 hospitals. He closed with a song as a tribute to CSSD staff world wide!
The song is based on Knockin’ on heavens’ door by Bob Dylan. It consists of 2 verses:
The first verse describes the feeling of the teacher when presenting his lectures and realizes that his students start understanding the topics.
The second verse decribes the feeling when a student starts understanding the subjects… For exemple when he understands why a vacuum is used for drying the load after a steam sterilization process. That understanding calls a feeling of happiness, like Knockin’ on heavens’ door!
This YouTube Movie shows the first verse and chorus…


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