Article: Memisa Memisa 1998: Drastic performance improvement of manually operated sterilizers at hardly any cost

After the Ghana period, in 1998 Jan presented his first course on sterilization of medical supplies to students Biomedical Engineering in the Mombasa Technical School. During the course measurements in manually operated sterilisers was done, and recommendations were formulated in order to drastically improve the performance of manually operated sterilizers.

Article: Appleblad 1985: Lezers Schrijven: Ervaringen in Ghana met Apple //c, AppleWorks en MousePaint

In 1984 Jan bought his first computer: an Apple //c. Initially with a portable TV as Monitor. He bought it with Appleworks and Mousepaint as software. An Apple ImageWriter as printer. An impact model printer which proved to be extremely useful for printing stencils!
In this article Jan describes his early experiences with this amazing marvel of computing of its time!