Projects/CV Before 1990

Impression Year Local/International Partner organization Financing organization Tasks/Activities
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1989-1990 Flag-nl-lgflag
CMC/Cebemo,Oegstgeest, The Netherlands
CMC/Cebemo, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands
Starting manuscript of books on Blood pressure apparatus and Sterilization
While living for one year in Ohno Machi and Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  1989 Nicosia, Cyprus; HMTS, Loitokitok, Kenya, Memisa/CMC Flag-nl-lgflag
Memisa, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Evaluation of educational institutes related to medical engineering for developing countries


Ghana, Duayaw Nkwanta Hospital: 1986. Servicing a good old HA3 Lister power plant at St. John of God Hospital, Duayaw Nkwanta, Brong-Ahafo Region, Ghana. With HES technicians: Sylvester Akparibo, Emmanuel Atubisah and?

1982-1989 Flag-gh-lgflag
Catholic Diocese of Kumasi, Ghana
CMC/Cebemo, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands
Hospital Engineering Services for the Mission Health Institutions in Ghana. Planning and establishment of maintenance structure for medical equipment and installations for mission hospitals in Ghana; performing wide range of actual repair and installations; in-service training courses for maintenance staff.
Initially for institutions of the Diocese of Kumasi, but as time passed for all members of CHAG (Christian Health Association of Ghana). Period: 01-02-1982 until 01-04-1989
Van Rijn BV, Maasdijk, The Netherlands
Flag-nl-lgflagORION, The Netherlands Practical training on installation, overhaul and repairs of Diesel Engines
As preparation for working as a medical equipment technician in Ghana
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1982 Flag-nl-lgflag
NEMAS, Soest
ORION, The Netherlands
Theoretical training on X-Ray at Philips Best and practical training at NEMAS, Soest.
As preparation for working as a medical equipment technician in Ghana
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  1980 Flag-in-lgflag
Beatitudes Social Welfare Centre, India, Madras, Vyasarpadi
Period of 6 months: Assisting in care. Training basic electrical engineering to youth of Vyasarpadi city area
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1978-1982 Flag-nl-lgflag
Bureau Ontwikkeling Automatisering Kadastrale Registratie (BOAKR), Heerlen The Netherlands
Data-entry specialist and management of computer systems. Land Registration Department of the Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning, The Netherlands
Period: 01-01-1078 until 11-01-1981
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1976-1977 Flag-nl-lgflag
Dutch Army: 541 vbbd Cie. Communications Bataljon. Rank: Corporal
Operator Troposcatter Radiosystem
A period of relative peace
08-09-1976 until 28-10-1977
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1971-1976 Flag-nl-lgflag
HTS (Higher Technical School) Venlo. The Netherlands. Department Electrical Engineering; Specialization: Computer engineering
Specialization: Computer engineering. Venlo was the first HTS offering computer engineering. Practical year:
1. Digital Equipment Corporation,
2. Sterrewacht Utrecht,
3. IBM, Uithoorn.
All in the Netherlands
Final year at IBM, Uithoorn, Testing methodology for new software.
Certificate: 11-7-1976
NL-BelfeldHuysBovee1969JanLeoWybeOpBrommer 1966-1970 Flag-nl-lgflag
MULO B, Reuver, The Netherlands
Time of unprecedented changes. Time of my first moped; the time of Easy Rider; of the Beatles and the Stones, the space flights. A revolution in religion, culture; of the whole society. Finished: 11-07-1970
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1964-1965 Flag-nl-lgflag
Mill Hill Boarding school, Aldenghoor, Haelen, The Netherlands
The 6th year of primary school I spent here in Castle Aldenghoor, in Haelen, Limburg, under the caring wings of the Mill Hill Fathers.
NL-BelfeldHuysBovee1963KlasseFotoLagereSchoolKlas4-2 1960-1964 Flag-nl-lgflag
Lagere School St. Aloysius, Belfeld, The Netherlands