Travel report, Wuerzburg, Germany. 16-12-2014. Recovering, no Ebola

Van: Jan Huijs []
Verzonden: dinsdag 16 december 2014 16:33
Aan: ‘Bryan Haddon’
Onderwerp: Recovered! Article on Liberia-experience


Dear Bryan,

Thanks very much for your mail, now already 10 days ago! My apologies for not responding earlier.

The past week, after being back about 5 days I developed a serious fever. Shooting up to almost 40C.

Every body here was worried, including myself for having attracted Ebola. During the period I was to stay strictly in my room. No going out. A blood sample was taken for an Ebola test. (see photo) Which a day later was confirmed to be negative. A big relief! I am now recovered again! It must have been a normal influenza like viral infection. The fever is gone, and also that coughing has become much less.

I really was very happy that I had decided to be here during three weeks after my return. Would this have happened at my home it would have become much more complicated!

Here all was prepared. The Ebola team here at the hospital had a first real life potential case. It has been a good exercise for everybody! I really have been very well taken care of by all staff of the team here. Really super!

Now I am some back to the ordinary life again, that is to say I have been resuming my work again here in my room. Still I should stick to the no-touch policy. I hope to return health and safely to my family on Dec 22nd.

At the moment I am doing the follow-up of the visit to Liberia for which equipment needs  to be ordered and plans to be made. This also includes the proposal for implementing PLAMAHS at the hospital for their Asset management.. Pieter has sent an initial financial proposal for implementation which however still needs some fine tuning.


Reporting on Monrovia

I really intend to write an article on my experiences in Monrovia! So many things have happened! We here hardly realize the consequences of the Ebola outbreak for the society as a whole! In the coming week I hope to have the article written.


During the time here  I can remain to be contacted by my handy (+31617918924) and normal e-mail.

Best wishes here from Wuerzburg,

Jan Huijs

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