Photo Exhibition: Fascinated by trees in the Renkum Valley

The exhibition is ready! Very much welcome for a visit and get an impression of the amazing nature that the Renkum stream valley offers!

Fascination with trees!

This time not a post related to sterile supply!

Since July 3rd I can present a series of photographs on my fascination with nature here in the area where I am living. The exhibition can be seen in the Visitors centre of the Renkum stream valley. (Bezoekerscentrum van Stichting Renkums Beekdal).
Theme of this exhibition is: Fascinated by the trees of the Renkum stream valley. (In de ban van de bomen van het Beekdal). All photos shown have been taken here in the forest and valley within a vicinity of about 1 km from my home. The photos were of the exhibition were beautifully printed by  In case you happen to be around: very much welcome! Around the Visitors centre you can go for endless walks in the forest and heather fields. And close to the Visitors centre is a Forest cafe where you can come for a lunch, a cup of tea or coffee or another drink. More information on the exibition (in Dutch) on the website of the Visitorscentre. The photos can be seen until the end of September 2020. 🙂


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