Announcement: Matachana Magazine 2022: 3d edition of Spanish version of book on Sterilization

On 18th of november 2022, during the  WHFSS congress in Barcelona, the 3rd edition of the  Spanish version of the book Limpieza, Desinfección y Esterilización de Productos Sanitarios was announced in the booth of Matachana. This version is made available as e-Book. Jan presented the book in an interview with Elena Lorenzo of Matachana to a large group of visitors in the booth! It was a great experience to meet so many enthusiastic CSSD staff from Spain and South America! Elena and her team did the translation and promotion work for the book. With now a great book as a result! Thanks so much for their dedication! During the congress a raffle was held through which 10 people won a voucher for a free download of the book!

Message to the winners and all CSSD staff:
Keep up the great work that you are doing! As the surgeons and other staff in the OR, we in the CSSD, with our profession, also play a keyrole in patient safety!
Thanks so much for the dedication and care that I have encountered while meeting CSSD staff in the many locations that I could visit in those past years!

The book is announced in the 3 versions of the latest Matachana Magazine: 2022/2023 Nr 8

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