Book on Sterilization available in most major languages

Cover of first edition of the book (1996)

Cover of the first edition (English) of the book (1996)

The first edition of the book, was published in 1996 with approval of the then ESH (European Society for Hospitals Sterile Supply). It was in the English language and publication was through HEART Consultancy itself. Since that time it has been published into a wide range of languages. In several countries it has become the official textbook for training of staff in the CSSD. The various editions have been edited and verified with sterilization associations and companies in the respective country. The editions are available through the respective publisher. By clicking on the image of the book or the language name you will get more detailed information of the selected book.
At the moment the Swedish version and the Chinese version are being compiled. They are expected to be published by the end of 2016.

Language  Cover ISBN/Title Edition Year In collaboration with; Publisher
Flag-uk-lgflagEnglish Cover of the English version of the book: Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam 3d edition. Compiled and Published Through MHP Verlag, Germany 978-38-8681-102-1
Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam
3  2010 WFHSS, World Federation for Sterilization Sciences.
MHP Verlag, Germany
2012-12-2015. Cover of the Dutch version of the book. Realized and pubished through Interster, Wormerveer, The Netherlands. 978-90-75829-05-1
Sterilisatie van medische hulpmiddelen met stoom
2a  2014 SVN, Sterilisatie Vereniging Nederland. Interster  International, Wormerveer, Netherlands
2008-09-01. Cover of the French version of the book. Stérilisation des dispositifs médicaux par la vapeur. Realized and published through MHP Verlag, Germany. 978-38-8681-139-7
Stérilisation des dispositifs médicaux par la vapeur.
 2  2016 SF2Société Française des Sciences en Stérilisation
MHP-Verlag, Germany
2016-03-10. Cover of the Spanish version of the book. Esterilización de Productos Sanitarios. 2nd Edition. Realized through Matachana, Barcelona, Spain. Published through MHP Verlag, Germany 90-75829-03-5
Esterilización de Productos Sanitarios
 2  2016 Antonio Matachana, S.A.
MHP Verlag, Germany
ру́сский язы́к
2013-03-05. Cover of the Russian version of the book. Realization was through DGM, Moscow. Publication through MHP Verlag, Germany  978-3-88681-110-6
Стерилизация паром медицинских изделий Общая теория
MHP Verlag, Germany
2011-06-22. Book cover Polish version of the book on Sterilization of Medical supply. Sterylizacja ZasobówMedycznych 978-83-932434-02
Sterylizacja ZasobówMedycznych
 1 2011 PSRSDM, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Sterylizacji i Dezynfekcji Medycznej
2014-02-20. Cover of the Norwegian version of the book. Realized and published throu the Norsk forening for Sterilforsyning. 978-90-75829-07-5
Rengjøring, desinfeksjon og sterilisering av medisinsk utstyr
 1  2014 NFS, Norsk Forening for Sterilforsyning
NFS, Norsk Forening for Sterilforsyning
Book cover: Turkish 2010 90-75829-04-3
Týbbi Malzemelerin Buharla Sterilizasyonu
 1  2010  MSUD, Merkezi Sterilizasyon Üniteleri Derneği
Cover of the Japanese version of the book. Realised through Meilleur, Tokyo; Published through Nakayama publishers, Tokyo, Japan.  978-4521736730
1   2012 Meilleur Co., Ltd.
ミュール株式会社中山書店 Nakayama publishers, Tokyo, Japan