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NVOX 2018-4 Een ongemakkelijke waarheid: de Wereld is niet overal hetzelfde Maarten Foeken Flag-nl-lgflag
Im Team.
May 2017; nr 33
Uzondu, eine starke Stimme fur Afrika.
Quantensprung für die Qualität in der Sterilsationsversorgung im St. Mary’s Children & Community Hospital in Umuowa/Nigeria
Forum PanAmericano
Second edition; 2017

Facing the standards gap; a steriliser for the rest of us

Normas aqui y alla: Un autoclava para el resto de nostotros

SVN-ParametricRelease201701-R56RapportageBrisbaneWFHSSJanHuijsOmslag_1240x1753 Parametric Release 2017-1 Nr 56. p14-15 Verslag Jan Huijs WFHSS Congres, Brisbane, Australia Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Zentral Sterilisation
Central Service 2016-06
Sterilization departments of hospitals in Liberia perparing for the post-Ebola Challange Flag-uk-lgflag
d-aseptica2016-04articlejanhuijsrenovationsterilizationdeptsliberiamonroviaebolaenglish-cover Aseptica 2016-4 (Okt) Strategies to meet the post-Ebola challenge in Liberia Flag-uk-lgflag
d-aseptica2016-04articlejanhuijsrenovationsterilizationdeptsliberiamonroviaeboladeutsch-cover Aseptica 2016-4 (Okt) Post-Ebola Herausforderungen in Liberia Flag-gm-lgflag
SVN-Parametric Release 201608-R55 Artikel: Voorbij De Ebolacrisis Jan Huijs Omslag Parametric Release
2016-8. Nr. 55
See Site Sterilisatievereniging Nederland SVN
Voorbij de Ebolacrisis.
Sterilisatieafdelingen van ziekenhuizen in Liberia bereiden zich voor
E-BarcelonaMatachana201610609MAGAZINE-No3-MATACHANA-June2016JanHuijsArticleAftermathEbolaEnglishCover Matachana Magazine 2016-3
See site Matachana
Aftermath of the Ebola crisis
Liberia Hospitals improving their sterile supply
E-BarcelonaMatachana201610609MAGAZINE-No3-MATACHANA-June2016JanHuijsArticleAftermathEbolaEspagnolCover Matachana Magazine
See site Matachana
Tras la crisis del Ebola
Los hospitales de Liberia estan mejorando el suministro de material  y equipos esteriles
E-BarcelonaMatachana201610609MAGAZINE-No3-MATACHANA-June2016JanHuijsArticleAftermathEbolaFrancaisCover Matachana Magazine 2016-3
Voir site Matachana
Suite à la crise d´ébola
Les hôpitaux de Liberia Améliorent l´approvisionnement de matériel et équipements stériles
Article: Zentral Sterilisation 2014-5 Cover Central Service/Zentral Sterilisation; 2014-5/ p347 Facing the standards gap; a steriliser for the rest of us Flag-uk-lgflag
Article: Zentral Sterilisation 2014-5 Cover Central Service/Zentral Sterilisation; 2014-5/p342 Normen Hier und Dort. Ein Autoklav fuer uns Andere. Flag-gm-lgflag
Artikel: SVN-Parametric Release 2013-06-R46 Omslag To Russia With Love  Paramatric Release-46/SVN; 2013-6/p7 Steriliseren op zijn Russisch Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: SVN Parametric Release 2013-03-R45 Omslag. WFHSS Japan Paramatric Release-45/SVN; 2013-3/p13 Reisverslag Jan Huijs: WFHSS in Osaka en boeklancering in Tokyo. Japan Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: SVN-ParametricRelease 2011-12-R41 Omslag Paramatric Release/SVN; 2011-12/ p22-23 Een kijkje in het leven van Jan Huijs Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2010-2 Omslag Steril; 2010-2 DNA van de CSA Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2010-1 Omslag Steril; 2010-1 Big Bang en Zwart Gat in de OK Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2009-3 Omslag Steril; 2009-3 Vertrouwen in de Toekomst Tegen Beter Weten In Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2009-2 Omslag Steril; 2009-2 Quantumsprong in Jordanië Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2009-1 Omslag Steril; 2009-1 Russisch Roulette op de CSA Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2008-2 Omslag Steril; 2008-2 Door regelgeving ontregeld Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2008-1 Omslag Steril; 2008-1 Chauffeurs en CSA personeel Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Central Service/Zentral Sterilisation; 2007/1 p19 Sterilization in Indonesia. Flag-uk-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Central Service/Zentral Sterilisation; 2007/1 p7 Sterilisationsausbildung in Indonesien Flag-gm-lgflag
Zentral Sterilisation
2007-1 p8-p10
Formation sur la stérilisation en Indonésie Flag-fr-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2007-3 Omslag Steril; 2007-3 Wat Vaker Genieten in Bad Flag-nl-lgflag
Artikel: Steril 2007-2-Omslag Steril; 2007-2 Aankondiging boek: Sterilisatie van Medische Hulpmiddelen Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Steril; 2007-1 Samenwerking in Indonesië Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Steril; 2006-3 Nachtmerries van Normen Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Steril; 2006-2 De juiste Kwaliteit in de Juiste Context Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Steril; 2006-1 Infectiepreventie in Zuid-Afrika Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Steril; 2005-3 Geldverspilling? Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Steril; 2005-2 Bowie and Dick Revisited Flag-nl-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Steril; 2005-1 What’s in a Name? Flag-nl-lgflag
Article: Zentral Sterilisation 2003-5-Cover Sterilization Training Malawi Central Service/Zentral Sterilisation; 2003/11 p342-342-343 Implementation of courses for operators and engineers. Lilongwe Central Hospital, March 24-April 4 2003 P. Mwalilino Flag-uk-lgflag
Article: Zentral Sterilisation 2003-5-Cover Sterilization Training Malawi Central Service/Zentral Sterilisation; 2003/11 p339-341 Kurse fur Bediener und Techniker: Sterilisation von Medizinprodukte P. Mwalilino Flag-gm-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Central Service/Zentral Sterilisation; 2002-6 (6), p 373-384 Optimalization of the process for a manually operated jacketed steam sterilizer B. Muis, ACP de Bruijn, A.W. Van Drongelen Flag-uk-lgflag
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tropical Doctor; 1999-29; p224-p227 Drastic Performance Improvement of Hand-operated Sterilizers Flag-uk-lgflag
Memisa Medisch Nieuws. 1998-06 Improvement of Hand Operated sterilizers Flag-uk-lgflag
FSG Africa Health; 1993-3 Standards for Sterile Supply in Low income countries: In Search for an Appropriate Concept Flag-uk-lgflag


12-04-2016: Guest lecture at University of Wageningen: Facing the Standards Gap

Logo Wageningen University and Research centre

At the Wageningen University here in the Netherlands within the context of the study on Health and Society, the topic Global Health is presented.

For this topic Jan was invited to present on his experiences in the developing world with focus on the problems that are caused by the International Standards for technology in the healthcare system. Title of the lecture: Facing the standards gap. Using Sterilization as field of experience, he described a range of cases as he met in several African countries. With non-functioning sterilizers caused by non compatibility of standards with the local socio-economic reality. The main conclusion was that the majority of  standards are developed in a context of the industrialized world, where the infrastructure is available to meet the requirements as described in the standards. Of the African continent on 3 countries are member of the ISO technical commitee for sterilization. Thus specific problems met in these countries are not reflected anyin any way in the text of the standards. Thus there is a big gap between the reality in many countries and the reality that is assumed when implenting the standards as they have been formulated. A statistic of the amount of money available for health care per capita per year, as made available through the WHO, shows a clear factor in the reason behind the problem. Societies with less than 100 USD/per person per year as compared to the 1000 and more in the industrialied world clearly demonstrate the root of the problem. Transplanting technology developed in that context to a country where that infrastructure in not available is bound to fail. During the lecture guidelines were proposed for addressing the issue. It will be great challenge to handle this issue, that has enormous effects on the health of millions of people world wide.

2016: Member countries of CEN and ISO Technical Committees on sterilization. ISOTC198; CENTC192T; C204 Sterilization

2016: Member countries of CEN and ISO Technical Committees on sterilization. ISOTC198; CENTC192T; C204 Sterilization

The presentation can be viewed here.

The lecture as based on an article that was published in the scientific Journal Zentral Sterilization/Central Service: 2014-3; Facing the standards gap: a sterilizer for the rest of us.



Book on Sterilization available in most major languages

Cover of first edition of the book (1996)

Cover of the first edition (English) of the book (1996)

The first edition of the book, was published in 1996 with approval of the then ESH (European Society for Hospitals Sterile Supply). It was in the English language and publication was through HEART Consultancy itself. Since that time it has been published into a wide range of languages. In several countries it has become the official textbook for training of staff in the CSSD. The various editions have been edited and verified with sterilization associations and companies in the respective country. The editions are available through the respective publisher. By clicking on the image of the book or the language name you will get more detailed information of the selected book.
At the moment the Swedish version and the Chinese version are being compiled. They are expected to be published by the end of 2016.

Language  Cover ISBN/Title Edition Year In collaboration with; Publisher
Flag-uk-lgflagEnglish Cover of the English version of the book: Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam 3d edition. Compiled and Published Through MHP Verlag, Germany 978-38-8681-102-1
Sterilization of Medical Supplies by Steam
3  2010 WFHSS, World Federation for Sterilization Sciences.
MHP Verlag, Germany
2012-12-2015. Cover of the Dutch version of the book. Realized and pubished through Interster, Wormerveer, The Netherlands. 978-90-75829-05-1
Sterilisatie van medische hulpmiddelen met stoom
2a  2014 SVN, Sterilisatie Vereniging Nederland. Interster  International, Wormerveer, Netherlands
2008-09-01. Cover of the French version of the book. Stérilisation des dispositifs médicaux par la vapeur. Realized and published through MHP Verlag, Germany. 978-38-8681-139-7
Stérilisation des dispositifs médicaux par la vapeur.
 2  2016 SF2Société Française des Sciences en Stérilisation
MHP-Verlag, Germany
2016-03-10. Cover of the Spanish version of the book. Esterilización de Productos Sanitarios. 2nd Edition. Realized through Matachana, Barcelona, Spain. Published through MHP Verlag, Germany 90-75829-03-5
Esterilización de Productos Sanitarios
 2  2016 Antonio Matachana, S.A.
MHP Verlag, Germany
ру́сский язы́к
2013-03-05. Cover of the Russian version of the book. Realization was through DGM, Moscow. Publication through MHP Verlag, Germany  978-3-88681-110-6
Стерилизация паром медицинских изделий Общая теория
MHP Verlag, Germany
2011-06-22. Book cover Polish version of the book on Sterilization of Medical supply. Sterylizacja ZasobówMedycznych 978-83-932434-02
Sterylizacja ZasobówMedycznych
 1 2011 PSRSDM, Polskie Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Sterylizacji i Dezynfekcji Medycznej
2014-02-20. Cover of the Norwegian version of the book. Realized and published throu the Norsk forening for Sterilforsyning. 978-90-75829-07-5
Rengjøring, desinfeksjon og sterilisering av medisinsk utstyr
 1  2014 NFS, Norsk Forening for Sterilforsyning
NFS, Norsk Forening for Sterilforsyning
Book cover: Turkish 2010 90-75829-04-3
Týbbi Malzemelerin Buharla Sterilizasyonu
 1  2010  MSUD, Merkezi Sterilizasyon Üniteleri Derneği
Cover of the Japanese version of the book. Realised through Meilleur, Tokyo; Published through Nakayama publishers, Tokyo, Japan.  978-4521736730
1   2012 Meilleur Co., Ltd.
ミュール株式会社中山書店 Nakayama publishers, Tokyo, Japan